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It’s Time for a Spring Cleaning

It’s Time for a Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tradition that stems back for centuries. The sun shining on our homes has a habit of showing off the dirt and dust, and the warmer weather gives us the motivation to put a special effort into sprucing up our homes.

We all want to be proud of the property we come home to each day. Keeping a property in good shape is a two way street. If an owner shows they care, most likely the tenant will as well. A good spring clean is one way that a Landlord can keep their homes in good condition and show the tenant that they care about quality and care of the home.

What are the best ways to embark on this annual spring cleaning event? Spring is a popular time for people to move.

Contact your property manager to line up an exterior spring clean or line it up yourself. A good pressure wash of the exterior of the home, porches and sidewalk can make the property look practically new. Tree’s and shrubs may need pruning. Weed and add fresh mulch or pine needles in the beds around the exterior.

The spring cleaning will make your home more attractive to prospective tenants. When prospects see your property for the first time, it is the entrance they see first. This means that it stands as a signpost for the quality of the home and how it has been cared for, so make sure it is in peak condition. Front doors are important in signifying quality and care, so make sure they are freshly painted, clean, and in good working order. Little touches like flowers or a plant by the entry and a door mat give an overall good impression. Repair and paint any exterior wood rot around the exterior. This preserves your property and also makes a good impression on the tenant.

The moral of the story is, use your spring cleaning as an opportunity to really make your properties work for you. The extra effort will make your vacant property rent more quickly and with your occupied properties, will go a long way in keeping current tenants satisfied and wanting to remain in the property.